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subscript shortcut powerpoint mac

Shortcut Key to do Superscript & Subscript in MS Excel & Word, time: 3:48

Insert a subscript or superscript symbol or apply superscript or subscript formatting to text in PowerPoint in Windows and emmythelberg.com try keyboard shortcuts for the same. Find all the keyboard shortcuts available for PowerPoint for Mac. To see your system keyboard shortcuts go to: System Preference >Keyboard > Shortcuts. To apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing) in. Nov 29, If you use a lot of sources in your PowerPoint presentations that need footnotes, or if Method 2: Superscript and subscript keyboard shortcuts. Dec 10, Highlight the text you wish to make superscript or subscript. For superscript, press command symbol mac, Shift and the Plus sign (+) at the. Feb 19, Hi. The shortcuts for superscript and subscript (cmd-shift-+ and cmd-=) are not working in Powerpoint Mac, even though these are the keyboard. The Subscript shortcut is Ctrl + = on a PC and Ctrl + Cmd + + on a Mac. This shortcut works in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You can use a subscript or superscript in PowerPoint on Windows or Mac You can also use a subscript shortcut or superscript shortcut on the keyboard to. Explore keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint for Mac. PowerPoint Subscript selected text (press multiple times to change the height of the subscript). -

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