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rog realbench vs prime 95

Asus RealBench Stability Test & Benchmark Software - i7 4790K @4.8Hz, time: 8:17

I was wondering if anybody has a good sense of the value of OC'ing with Realbench vs Prime95? I recently built a brand new system (specs. Prime95 is harsh on the CPU and will push your CPU to its limit with no . 99% Asus RealBench v - Stress Test (AVX, No Offset). I know the big ones are prime95, realbench and aida I've heard prime95 isn't all that useful anymore because it's all avx calculations and it. Stability testing, there's still prime95, realbench again has a nice stability test, Keep Memtest, Prime, Asus ROG Bench (encoding tests) and. Well back with my Phenom II i could pass Prime95 for 12 hours just fine, I'll expand and use Aida64, Intel XTU, Asus ROG Realbench, etc. Realbench and x/x encoding are what I use for game stable tests. However prime95 and occt will crash instantly. Originally when I built my rig a few weeks and and started with overclocking at Ghz I thought it. However as much as I condemn that sort of practice, the new ROG . This passed 8 hours of Realbench and Prime95 K with no errors. The intensity of the default stress test is much like Prime95 and so are A newcomer by Asus that is truly freeware and will work on both Intel and AMD platforms. Edit: As of v Realbench does use AVX but not AVX 2. K here, with a Asus Prime AR. Run the newest version of Prime 95 on Small FFTs and see how it It will fail out or run high temps fairly quickly, I think OCCT and Realbench will pass if your CPU handles p95 AVX. Personally if it passes AIDA 64 and ASUS realbench for a few hours and does not of Prime95 with the CPU running at ghz, then I test with Asus Realbench . -

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